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29-12-2015, 07:15   #41
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Hi - all my family went to Upperthorpe. We lived on Jenkinson St. I left at 11 because I passed the 11 plus and went to Marlcliffe. I remember hating it and wanting to come back to Upperthorpe. This was 1952. I remember Mrs. Midgley being the teacher of the "baby class" and Mrs. Parkin was our Junior 4 teacher. Half of the class passed their 11 plus that year. She was a good teacher. The girls I remember are Vera Cutler, Maureen Brummitt,Pat Walker, Marie Daff. Pauline (nee Fellows). I don't know why I am on this site right now because its almost midnight in Canada. Anyway I think the older you get you start to think about your school days.
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29-12-2015, 15:08   #42
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Looks like you were some years ahead of me. I was born in 1951. I remember Mrs Midgeley, in fact I have a photo of her. she was the head teacher when I was there.
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27-01-2016, 19:11   #43
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I went to Upperthorpe School from 1954 to 1961 and was very happy there. Remember Miss Midgley and Mr Cawsey, also some other teachers. Mrs Newsome in reception class where we had a large sand pit, play house and large rocking horse. Other teachers Mrs Platts, Mrs Toogood, Mrs Oxley and in the junior school Mrs Hobson.
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28-01-2016, 09:28   #44
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Hi Mal16, i left upperthorpe school in 1961, last teacher was mr henderson, very strict as i recall!, be interesting to find out your surname, my name is James Ferguson, i used to live on meadow street.
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15-10-2017, 20:04   #45
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Hi james - i don't know if you remember me we were in the same class and i used to visit you at your meadow street flat my name is gary needham i have been retired for quite a while and due to infection on my legs i am a double amputee. I hope you have had better fortune i have fond memories of school it's nice to talk to you after all these years. Bye for the present all the best from gary
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04-08-2018, 19:38   #46
The Gold
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I went to Upperthorpe 1958 left in 1962 have a photo of my class but can't remember any names Mr Causey is in the picture. Anybody still around who remembers those dates John Gold was my name and I lived on Jenkinson street.
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10-08-2018, 09:23   #47
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Cripes, I remember Upperthorpe School. Midgely, Toogood and the others.

There was also a Mrs Brigands (?) who was a real bully. The food was terrible, and you had to finish what was on your plate. If you didn't you were kept behind after meals and forced to eat it. Still have the mental scars. :-)

I remember the sloping playground behind and the toy 'crazes' - there was one with little plastic rockets- the kids put a cap in the end, chucked it in the air and it came down with a crack.

I think there were also school trips to the swimming baths at Upperthorpe.

My parents pulled me out at some point and sent me to Morley Street which was much better. That would have been 1959-1960 or so. Can't remember any classmates though.

There was a white single decker bus went past the school. We used to call it the 'Little Bus'. Seem to remember it also took me to Morley Street, but it was a long time ago.

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