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What happened to the Dooleys?

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25-09-2010, 22:59   #21
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They really were an under-rated group, and scoffed at in their day. Of course, punk was just hitting the UK, so they weren't exactly "what was happening" at the time. They may have seemed a bit old fashioned.
They worked the night clubs for years before chart success arrived.
They worked their socks off, sometimes doing a couple of gigs in a day in the early years. They were the first western group to tour behind the Iron Curtain, a gig by Elton John was well publicised towards the end of the 70s, The Dooleys could say "Been there, done that".
They won awards for their club act. Their chart break came through a series of events, firstly signed to Alaska Records, they wanted to release a song called "Hands Across The sea". The songwriter (Ben Findon) contacted them asking them not to release the song as it had been entered into "A Song For Europe" to be sung by Olivia Newton John.
A couple of years later a couple of the groups notice Billy Ocean in the chart with a song co-written and produced by Findon. They wrote inviting him to see their show. He went and was impressed enough to offer them a recording contract.
Also, in support for them, the group members could play their instruments and each member could sing. They put together a great show.
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28-09-2010, 23:55   #22
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one of em played for wednesday and was managing director of sheff utd
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29-09-2010, 10:27   #23
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Are you lot all on acid or something ???
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06-01-2017, 11:39   #24
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saw them at the aquarius at cesterfield. they were late coming on but we didn`t know why one of the girls was sat on a stool all the time they were performing. found out after she had a fall in the changing room and broke her ankle. she wouldn`t go to hospital til they finished their brilliant performance. singers today have no idea how to be professional like that. best group ever
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06-01-2017, 19:34   #25
hackey lad
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think they all joined the police force because I remember when I was young , that my mate told me he had been picked up by the dooleys
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