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24-12-2016, 15:36   #1
Geek Girl
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Status Quo guitarist Rick Parfitt has died in hospital in Spain aged 68, his manager has said.

2016 isn't done yet it seems....
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24-12-2016, 15:37   #2
*gets coat*
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oh dear, he just retired from the band as it couldve killed him he said too

Does your wife know what your up to mel when your in your own little world?
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24-12-2016, 15:58   #3
Registered User
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Not a Quo fan, but RIP Rick, what a rubbish year for celebs 2016 has been, hang in there Carrie...

I AM the voice of reason...
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24-12-2016, 16:10   #4
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Yep,RIP Rick,gave me and my mates so many great memories as a kid.Piledriver and Quo were my soundtracks at that time,and a nod to Dog Of Two Heads,an underrated album.Used to look forward to the City Hall concerts with great anticipation and saw them in the chip shop at Brid when we went to see them play at the Spa Royal Hall I think it was.One of the best live bands ever.
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24-12-2016, 16:18   #5
Registered User
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The musicians we've 'lost'! this year alone would make quite a 'Supergroup' line-up!.

R.I.P. Rick
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24-12-2016, 16:22   #6
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Rip Rick. Memories of '73.
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24-12-2016, 16:38   #7
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Return of the frantic 4 in Manchester was one of the best gigs I've ever been to. RIP Rick
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24-12-2016, 16:45   #8
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Blimey, 2016 is the year never stops giving.
I believe that children are our future. Unless we stop them now.
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24-12-2016, 16:45   #9
Princess Cool
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Thanks Rick for bringing such joy to the entertainment world

'The more you ignore me the closer I get' Morrissey

Alphabetti Spaghetti
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24-12-2016, 17:39   #10
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Rockin All Over The World.............. Bye Rick R.I.P.
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24-12-2016, 18:33   #11
mickey finn
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Very sad indeed
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06-01-2017, 00:38   #12
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Very surprised that nothing has been on the news on TV about the passing of Rick Parfitt, I would have thought that someone as well known in such a well known band as Staus Quo would have had a mention both from the media and his band mates ?

Will be interesting to see if Status Quo recruit a new guitarist and continue.

For me personally, it was a sad time when I heard that Rick was retiring from Quo as I have been a fan since they first began in the 60's and have always been to their concerts when they have played Sheffield, it was even sadder when I read on here of his passing.
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