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20-12-2016, 23:23   #1
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hi I am currently an undergraduate who is looking to teach abroad. I have come across Sabis Schools. I was wondering if anyone can share their opinions or experiences about this agency. as I am interested in one of their job vacancies but unsure whether to take the risk or not.
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20-12-2016, 23:25   #2
Easy livin
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whats too lose. the only risk in life is not trying things
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21-12-2016, 15:20   #3
Margarita Ma
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What have you managed to find out about them?

I just had a look at the site which looks very good, very professional. That said you would need to take a close look at the country you were interested in going to to teach and the terms and conditions of contracts before committing yourself. I understand some countries allow employers to hold their employees passports and that in some you cannot leave unless your employer agrees. You would also need to make sure you have enough money available to leave if you need to and to live on for a while if the contract falls through for some reason. Talk to careers at your Uni and see if they have any thing they have experienced with the Agency.

This may be stating the obvious so forgive me if that is the case.
Do as you would be done by, or be done by as you did.

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