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23-09-2016, 23:33   #1
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My girlfriend's central heating and hot water packed up, she was boiling water in pots and pans last night just so she could have a bath.
Today (first thing), I started a thread in Sheffield Discussions asking for recommendations of a reliable plumber who, hopefully would turn up same day to fix the problem.
I'd already been let down big style by a totally unreliable plumber who never bothered showing up. Time was of the essence, I wanted a quick response to my question, rather than just pick a plumber at random off the internet with no recommendation. The forum used to be useful for stuff like this.

Thanks to a mod, I later discovered my thread (after a bit of a search) in an obscure bit of the forum which no one reads called Sheffield Property and Housing. Not even my original thread, but just added onto a 2014/5 thread which has had fifteen views all day with no replies (the whole thread, not just my cobbled on bit).

Tonight my girlfriend is at home by herself in the cold. Thanks whoever Mod is responsible for this, why didn't you read my thread before banging it somewhere no one will look … you may have realised the importance of it.
As such, my girlfriend is without hot water and heating all weekend unless she pays some premium rate for emergency weekend work.

Brilliant moderating!
24-09-2016, 07:10   #2
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All you will get is contact the help desk.
24-09-2016, 08:22   #3
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Any issues with moderation you will need to contact the helpdesk.
Thank you.
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