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24-07-2016, 12:26   #1
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Might it be worth putting a sticky at the top of the swap or give away section in the classified ads.

There are undoubtedly some forums members who pray on the goodwill of others. Taking stuff for free and reselling it on. Other members who genuinely want free items to use miss out as they are not permanently trawling the forum. It has happened to me I gave something for free then saw it being sold...I was quite upset as it was not the spirit it was given in.

Freegle a site for free items has a fair use policy.

All it would need is a sticky at the top along the lines of....

If advertising something for free please take a little time before responding to a request for it. If your item is proving very popular with requests do take some time too see which reply may be most genuine. Check a members post history for example. It has come to our attention that some members consistently request free items. Some items that forum members have given away to try and help someone have later been seen for sale. So do take some time if this would bother you.

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Would a moderator be able to offer a response to this please?
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