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12-08-2017, 21:02   #7901
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and just to even up Philthy animal Taylors back flip, heres some guitar aerobics from Jason & the Scorchers............ Ahh don't you just love it, a little bit of you tube and glass of G & T

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Originally Posted by muddycoffee View Post
Just been listening to the Craig Charles Funk and soul show on Radio 6. I don't think much of his acting if you can call it that, but he always puts on a great radio show and appears to know his onions in this genre of music and I always catch it when I'm home on Saturdays.
Been absolutely fabulous today.
Sounds good muddycoffee, love a bit of soul, will try to catch it next week. Who did he play.
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13-08-2017, 03:43   #7902
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Rare Funk Breaks

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70's Break Beats Funk Breaks

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Chinese Laundry mix '92 Tobago Is.
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16-08-2017, 22:07   #7903
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A definite mixed bag at the moment:

Katatonia - The great cold distance
Katatonia - Night is the new day
Katatonia - Live consternation (they started off as a metal band but by this point had developed a more goth/prog/metal sound I suppose you'd call it)
Roger Rotor - Orion nebula (minimal techno)
Clan of Xymox - Hidden faces (darkwave)
Colibra - Damnatio memoriae (Manchester-based metal)
Blaubac - Perdurance (IDM)
Propaganda - A secret wish (classic synth-pop album from 1985 on the ZTT label. Look at this completely bonkers video and then tell me what the hell is going on? In retrospect they probably deserved more success than they had.)
The Ocean - Heliocentric (metal album from Belgium but the CD packaging is fantastic!)
Kenny Larkin - Metaphor (classic techno)
M.I.A. - Maya (might come as a shock but I really like her stuff)
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17-08-2017, 22:17   #7904
area 51
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I have filled my car cd changer with all ACDC albums and am now onto the second round of listening to them.Back in black is definately one of my desert island discs.Rock on.
I do not regret voting Leave, Mr Blair.I regret voting for you in 1997 though.
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19-08-2017, 18:39   #7905
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Lsitening to NATE DOGG on his birthday - First we pray
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20-08-2017, 18:26   #7906
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La Otracina - Reality has got to die (this is right up my street, a sort of combination of krautrock, space rock, metal, and electronica. You can't argue with a track title like "Crystal wizards of the cosmic weird". Loved it. Doesn't look as though I'll be able to find much else by them though since all their other albums seem to be in limited editions of 100 and they'll all be in the US)
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