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01-08-2018, 01:04   #481
St Petre
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Originally Posted by Ontarian1981 View Post
And the best Saturday night out of my life and the loudest. Me and 3 mates were at Blackpool for the week.
The Blackpool folks must have been proud of Alan Ball that day.
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01-08-2018, 17:31   #482
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Originally Posted by St Petre View Post
The Blackpool folks must have been proud of Alan Ball that day.
I saw Alan play for Blackpool a time or two, once at Bloomfield Road on Boxing Day when the lads and I went to Blackpool for Christmas 1965 or6 (I think). There were 3 other World Cup heroes there that day too as they were playing West Ham. The following year I saw Emlyn Hughe as a young man with the Seasiders. Once again this was Christmas time, but I can't remember who they played. Funny how both these lads are now gone, RIP.I was married in September 1967,so that was the end of Blackpool trips with the lads LOL

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16-08-2018, 20:48   #483
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So it's been bugging me about when it was on, watching Antoine Griezmann play... all I ever noticed from him is that he seemed to be magnetised to the ball.
Regardless of how far away it was and who had it, he would just run towards the ball and just follow it pointlessly around the pitch, even if he had no chance of getting to the ball.

Was this tactic by him to pressure the opposite teams players to keep passing the ball?
Or is he just as big a knob as he looks?
It's all a personal opinion and doesn't reflect the thoughts of any companies or organisations, just me, and I love a laugh :-)
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