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Kitchen Megathread. All fitting/ design queries here please

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01-09-2016, 13:33   #181
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I know - it's not easy... But I guess if anyone on here does that kind of revamp it would be great if the contact me and I can supply pictures measurements etc etc. My question is aimed at finding out if anyone does that? Who is recommended? And is it a £20000 job or £200 or a rough ball park.
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01-09-2016, 14:00   #182
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Easy couple of grand, what with the granite worktops and such.
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01-09-2016, 14:43   #183
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Buy new made to measure doors from HPP near Crystal Peaks, get some good quality laminate work tops, keep old layout so you don't have the expense of moving services. Granite/composite work tops are very expensive and require specialist fitting and cleaning. I revamped a kitchen like this and everyone thought it was a new kitchen, hundreds of pounds instead of thousands. Job in town!
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01-09-2016, 21:45   #184
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We plan to have a new kitchen fitted before this Christmas. As it is close to Christmas, I think it's better to have a rough idea how much would it cost then set a reasonable budget plan first. Could anyone who has experience or kind trade men who are experts in this area give some information or advice please?

--It has 12 units - 2 tall units, 7 base units and 3 wall units.

--It includes a gas hob, single oven and extractor (goes to outside). integrated appliance is a dishwasher only. No wash machine. No refrigerator.

--Gas, cold/hot water pipes and electricity should be in place before installation so just need to connect them.

--The work top is laminate and the same as the floor. No tiles on the wall.

--The new kitchen will be a "naked" room - so no old unit or floor need to remove.

--Kitchen units would be rigid when delivered. Hopefully it should reduce the cost and time a wee bit.

--Floor will be laminate and room size is about 4mx3m

Thanks in advance for all your replies.

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03-02-2017, 10:21   #185
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Can anyone recommend a good kitchen fitter please.
I possibly need someone who can do the whole kitchen refurb.. including plastering and tiling etc.

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22-07-2017, 10:31   #186
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Hi. I require a well experienced kitchen fitter to install my new kitchen(currently in storage) including digital extractor fan with external kit, gas cooker, combi washer/dryer, sink, the fixing of existing power sockets to inside of base units and wall tiling. No 'Jack of all trades' please, no disrespect to anyone.

Recommendations would be much appreciated.

Thank you.
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27-09-2017, 23:35   #187
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Can anyone recommend a kitchen fitter joiner S18 way ?
Also don’t want to use Howdens due to lack of transparency.
So I’ve been looking online at ridgid ready made units .
Has anyone used DIY ? They seem to get really
Good reviews.
Woof n tumble Dog walker Pet services S18
DBS checked, Fully insured, Animal First Aid.
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31-10-2017, 08:36   #188
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Has anyone used Kitchen Experts Sheffield for their kitchen? I've had them round for a quote (seemed nice, knowledgeable and reasonably priced ) but wondering if anyone had any experience of their work before I think about moving forward with them.
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21-02-2018, 16:00   #189
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Hi, we are having a kitchen update rather than starting from scratch. We live in Aston area and wondered if anyone can recommend a kitchen fitter who did a really good job on their kitchen. Thanks!
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10-08-2018, 21:00   #190
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Hi all- any recommendations for quartz worktops? I have had a trawl through various threads without any luck.
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07-09-2018, 15:43   #191
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I'm after a bit of advice. We're thinking of offering on a house that has a decent, large and well-equipped kitchen but I hate the units. They're a modern style with flush fronted doors/drawer and I want an in-frame painted shaker door. I know I can buy replacement shaker-style doors, but I really want in-frame. So are the frames simply stuck on the front of standard carcasses, so a good joiner could re-face the kitchen in-frame? or would the carcasses need to be cut down to cater for extra depth? If it is even possible, is it likely that the work involved will be such that I may as well start from scratch?
Any advice would be great.
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16-10-2018, 20:08   #192
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I have a new ish kitchen a Milano Contour one infinity plus I think.

It has a decorative trim that runs along top of base units under the worktop - I had my old integrated washer put in - big mistake as it now leaks and no one has any idea how to remove the trim.

Just hoping someone has had one of the Wren kitchens with the times who has needed to remove them. Have contacted Wren but I am not holding my breath they have “uninstallation” guides.

Also hoping a joiner with experience of wren kitchens with this trim might be reading whose services I can hire.

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16-10-2018, 22:44   #193
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Hi I’ve sent you a pm
For quality and affordability place your trust in the professional team here at A.M Joinery.
over 30 years experience: Fully Insured: Joiners,Shopfitters & Builders.Tel : 07806611870.
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