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Any Heavy rock fans on here ?

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06-09-2018, 11:59   #161
*gets coat*
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Nasty savage bassist Richard Bateman dies
Does your wife know what your up to mel when your in your own little world?
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14-09-2018, 13:28   #162
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Great thread, everyone, but to try and create a bit of discussion, here's a question:

Which bands/artists have you 'discovered' later in life and thought: 'Damn! I wish I'd have listened to these sooner!'?

Killing Joke



All bands that have been around for decades, and I've read about in numerous magazines over time, but never gave them a go until now. I've missed out on so much awesome music!

Metallica even covered The Wait by KJ!!! And I still didn't give them a go until now. DO'H!
I was quickly overtaken... by the angry spirits of Ronald and Nancy Reagan...

Psychic warfare is real!
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