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External harddrive for mobile phone

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17-06-2018, 10:42   #1
The Gentle Giant
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Hi all.. I don't have a PC or laptop etc and the memory on my mobile is getting full.. instead of buying another memory card.. is it possible to connect a mobile phone to an portable harddrive etc?
Just so I can save/share my pics.. videos etc.. and so I don't have to keep swapping cards.. I've got thousands of pics (grandkids) and was kinda thinking that if I had them all on one drive etc I could not only free space on my phone but also just connect and browse my pics etc when I want.. any advice ?? Recommendations ??
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17-06-2018, 11:00   #2
Easy livin
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if your using either an iphone or an android phone then just let them sync with the cloud and you can delete the originals from your device.
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17-06-2018, 14:46   #3
Are you a God!?
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It's really a bad idea to keep them on the phone..

plug it into your computer or laptop every so often, and copy them over, and also make sure to have a regular backup of the files from your computer also...

as for the original question, yes, to an extent, you CAN connect an android or iPhone to an external HDD, but compatibility would be down to your specific device and android/iOS version....
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17-06-2018, 16:26   #4
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Loads of memory sticks for phones on ebay or amazon
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17-06-2018, 20:28   #5
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OTG adapter + USB memory stick/HDD or OTG memory stick/HDD
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05-07-2018, 08:12   #6
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I have a Sandisk pen drive with micro USB on one end and USB on the other - useful for all sorts of things like moving data between devices, 32GB is a tenner
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