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Does it pay to be a slapper

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15-09-2017, 18:27   #101
Miss Moneypenny
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Can we get back to the topic please ? Anyway as I was saying..... I was on the Town Hall steps one night and.......
I Dont Mind Having A Bad Reputation --As Long As Ive Had The Pleasure Of Earning It.
15-09-2017, 18:27   #102
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Originally Posted by ukdobby View Post
Yet you slag Rooney off so do exactly what you condemn me for,oh the irony.
I called him dumb because he is. Driving a car whilst drunk is stupid. I'm calling you dumb because you called me stupid whilst superbly demonstrating that attribute yourself.

You don't know what irony means so stop using the word.

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Closed. As you seem unable to remain civil and post within the rules of the forum. Any further outbreaks of this elsewhere will result in accounts being suspended.
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