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10-01-2016, 22:51   #1
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I am a part-time teacher looking to diversify and have always loved dogs so I have been looking into dog grooming. I have stumbled upon a few posts that mention that there used to be a 2 week intense practical course that ran in Sheffield a few years ago.

Does anyone know if something like this still exists? any advice appreciated.

I am a quick learner as I teach a practical subject and if I can cut my boyfriends hair having watched a 5 minute youtube video I am pretty sure I can pick dog grooming up easily

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Can anyone help? Shall I post this elsewhere on the forum?
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17-01-2016, 11:28   #2
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There is a lot more to dog grooming than cutting hair And if you just focus on cutting hair, a pet groomer should know about 100 breed standard trims. Then there's behaviour, health, anatomy, coshh, how to care for equipment properly (you'd be surprised how many groomers don't sanitise and maintain blades properly), first aid and how to actually run a business. Also, many customers don't want breed standard trims so you need to be creative too.

A two week intensive course is a good start but you would then need experience, which is hard to achieve.

Its also not for everyone. It can be hazardous to your health, lots of dead skin and hair being blasted around that you inhale - a lot of older groomers seek advice on grooming groups for bad chests after years of grooming. Your hands get cracked and sore, hairs in your eyes, hair splinters in your skin, anal glands spraying if a dog gets stressed, bites etc.

If you are still keen on pursuing a grooming career, offer a city and guilds qualification. Derby college offer an ocn qualification. But I would recommend you look at Alison Rogers school called pretty paws in Harrogate or look north grooming school in Keighley. You will still need experience afterwards if you wish to work alone though. There are also groom team England seminars each year and seminars held by Colin Taylor and scruffy pups each year.
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17-01-2016, 23:49   #3
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Thanks for your response. Theres probably a lot more to cutting human hair than we know too! I was being light hearted.

A career in dog grooming is far from what I was asking. I am a secondary school teacher with a lot of responsibilty just looking to find something else I might enjoy doing.

I have had history with dogs and different breeds so I am aware of the different cuts needed.

I actually teach technology so gave up on my lungs 6 years ago when I entered teaching, have bad hands, nails and splinters are a given. I understand H&S & cossh, how to maintain my workshop equipment and how to be creative. On running a buisness...well Im sure organising practical lessons to be run in an hour, resources, admin, data collection, aswell as good communication would all contribute very nicely too this.

I am serious about finding out more about dog grooming and have in fact sought some advice of which was very positive. I would not be looking to groom all breeds, far from it. Like I said I would just like to gain some experience of another practical subject.
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18-01-2016, 15:50   #4
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we offer several dog grooming courses at The Sheffield College but I don't know whether there are any short intensive ones - here's a link you could try to enquire further.

I own a short haired breed (Dobermann), so not much call for me to groom her however, I would be very interested in a module devoted to CAT grooming (now THAT would be a challenge!) Owning several long, semi long and shorthaired felines, some accommodating and some not at all happy being groomed but desperately needing a detangle, I would like to feel more confident and competent grooming them.
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27-01-2016, 14:47   #5
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Apparently the staff at this salon offer training courses in dog grooming. They are at 522 Sheffield Road, Whittington Moor, Chesterfield. Telephone: 01246 261123. I have no other information about it.

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