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06-12-2017, 21:00   #1
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I work from home so I don't have any opportunities to create any social ties via work like most do so I have to be proactive if I want to. I generally am not that sociable however I certainly like a break from the isolation of working alone all the time; ie I have to force myself to socialise really but meeting for group activities I found good cos you can go to them and not feel committed and take things further if you want.

I used to play badminton but I injured my knee and it still isn't right. I don't want to risk another injury so I am avoiding strenuous sports even though competitive games were great for the camaraderie etc; not worth the risk.

What non sports (or light) activities could you suggest to meet people? Walking is a new hobby which fits the bill and saw there is quite a few of those groups but didn't try yet.

I despise drinking culture and britian is so obsessed with it that it feels quite alienating such that you have to search under rocks to find others who would like to do things which don't involve gettin' 'wrecked'.

I have tried looking on meetup but there isn't much on though certainly only made half hearted attempts and not been looking with any regularity.

I can't really say what I would be into so open to suggestions.

But evening type things classes or activities or whatever?

I saw there are regular sessions for irish music at the grapes; haven't been yet but plan to but that isn't something to get involved in just yet. Eventually maybe but I am not good enough at my instrument to dare to try yet.
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07-12-2017, 13:14   #2
Jive Knight
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Sounds as if Modern Jive will fit your needs perfectly. It is active, so will replace the exercise element of your badminton, but low-impact so it won't put too much strain on your knee.

It's sociable as you meet and dance with everyone in the classes, then usually switch partners throughout the freestyle parts of the evening, but there's no commitment to more - you can dance with someone for one track, say thank you and walk away.

It's not drinking culture - though it's usually in licensed premises (social clubs) most people are on soft drinks as they are more refreshing when you're dancing.

It is danced to any kind of music so if you are into music you will probably find some tracks that you enjoy more than others.

I recommend Blitz at Crookes Social Club as it's the biggest and best-attended locally (which gives you the widest choice of partners), but I've heard good things about boogie-nightz jive at Eckington Civic Centre ( /org-details.asp?OrgID=1111 too.
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