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Reliable HDDs these days?

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Originally Posted by ShefStealth View Post
There's still some floating around in the channels if you know where to look. Seperately, Seagate are still advertising certain drives under the Samsung branding - check out - they still do internal drives too. Separtely, someone else quoted Maxtor earlier in the thread, but they got bought out years ago too - also by Seagate.

Just because Apple decide to use certain hardware from certain manufacturers doesn't mean that that hardware is good/great. I'd actually argue that Apple being primarily a hardware company for their profits intentionally builds in obsolesce in order to drive upgrades. Their phones being a prime example, with no option for an average user to replace a battery. They also try and differentiate themselves on their customer service offering, which is why they then try and justify their 'premium pricing' structures. I personally have had higher failure rates with Toshiba products (not just HDDs, primarily laptop hinges/cases etc. some failing so badly that they then break other components such as the screen)

Toshiba as a company have been in trouble for a while, the news broke over the past 18 months of major accounting issues and problems in their nuclear power division. If they don't have good enough quality control procedures in nuclear power, it doesn't bode well for the rest of their product line.
Good point - I remember seeing that Acer once beat them into 4th place one quarter - but I don't like Acer kit either! I was also being a bit tongue in cheek with Tosh's in Apple too. There biggest fail was their 6100 Satellite Pro series with defective Motherboard so they were 'forced' to offer extended warranties - "Worst laptop, ever!"
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Its worth bearing in mind that an SSHD for storage or backup is a bad investment.

They are only really of benefit as your OS drive or if you are using one for games. Otherwise its an extra cost for no actual benefit at all.
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