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14-09-2017, 01:04   #1
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anyone else go in some pubs where the staff are quite unfriendly?
i don't mean they're rude or hostile but even tho they might not be on great money (neither are some of the customers!) they could have a little bit of customer service skill. not to mention serving customers in turn and not leave some waiting at the bar for ages! i know it can't always be easy knowing who's there first
Then there are the female staff who might be on the attractive side and be really standoffish. yes, we know we can't 'have' them, and some of us have partners and/or 'children' a similar age anyway, but it would be nice for them to not avoid serving customers or clearing their tables. i've been to some pubs where the staff are really beautiful and very nice with it too, which is a real pleasure (and i don't mean that in a sexual way!!) . sadly they never stay.
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They tend to be attracted to the menu wavers who never know what they want or table number. Then the ones who serve whoever is nearest to them and get eye contact. Good bar staff now is very rare, the ones who look up whilst serving and remember the order in which people come to the bar and gone are the days of bar etiquette where you know around you who is next and you let them go, they just blatantly push in now with the "Oh I thought you were being served" excuse. Don't even get me started on bar flies! All my pet hates and I do spend more time than your average person in pubs.
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Fair points. There are plenty of bar staff who seem to lack even the most basic of communication skills but also there are plenty who are fantastic at what they do and those are the places that I like to tell people about.
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