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so any one with any knowledge of large avery scales that come in a crate????

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29-07-2018, 16:12   #82
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Originally Posted by PoptyPizza View Post
Hi Just Joined. I was an Avery Mechanic , time served in Swansea in the early 80's. Fire away with any questions...
Glad to see 1105's getting praised on here. They were a perfect scale. Worked perfectly and looked both sexy and classic.
I am renovating a set of W&T Avery coin-freed 20Stone upright scales. The type No is 3802 CFP machine number 52527. Any information, such as date/place of manufacture would be appreciated. They use old pennies and those inside the scales are dated from 1902 to 1960's. I have been able to get the scales weighing properly, but the coin-freed mechanism has been removed to I need to replicate the original so that they only weigh when penny is inserted, at the moment they weigh without coins inserted.
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17-09-2018, 13:27   #83
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Originally Posted by Sir_Ben View Post
I'm a ex-Avery service engineer - did my apprenticeship in West Wales from '63-69, and then transferred to an industrial branch in the midlands, so I've worked on most of the pre-electronic scales right from chemist's beam balances through to 40 ton weighbridges.
What sort of info are you looking for?
Hallo and good day to you
I am one of the strange ones that never can walk past things on the way to the dump.
Did safe one Avery model 3809 CFY scale and after reading lots of info, mostly for the history because I can not find any service info, drawings, or any hands on info to know if I am doing things as they should be.
Naturally all the interior and exterior was covered with oil and the coin box locked and no key.
One owner from new and never been outside until the same day I did see it.
Sooooo not so bad I think.
Any hope You can help me with manual and or adjustment info.
The scale was sold in Belgium by Avery dealer that is long out of business and no help there, coin system set to old Belgian 1f coin and that was not working when I got it.
There is not a single mark or blemish anywhere on the scale, so well worth saving I think.
Best reg and thanks
Atli Stefansson
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