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Didn't live up there,but hung around with 3 girls from there ,back in 72/3, one, Hilary Page, lived on Birley Spa Lane.
The other 2 girls were sisters, Karen and ,I think,Lynn. We used to meet every Saturday morning at Sheaf Valley baths, hanging around Pond Street and at the back of the old Top Rank / Fiesta buildings, then,one Saturday, they didn't turn up,and we never saw them again.....
I've often wondered what became of them.

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Originally Posted by Lostrider View Post
Yes, they lived on the oppsoite side of the road to me.

I think David is a tatooist, and of course everyone remembers Sam, he used to hang around with our group. Always good for a laugh he didnt half get up to some stunts. He would do anything you dared him to do. If anybody made any remarks about Sam while he was with us, they got a good kicking. Any idea what happened to Sam, I haven't seen him for over 35 years.
Isn't David "Sam"?
Bob is the tattooist,last known to be in Worksop, I knew him from the fairground in the late 70's, early 80's.
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