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Originally Posted by Dimple View Post
You make a good point but I still think GGG will have the win.
Either way though it should be an entertaining fight and will hopefully do something positive for boxings rep after the freak show that was mayweathers last ' fight'
Unfortunately it didnt, a ridiculous decision by the judges has made boxing look like nothing more than a corrupt money making scheme judged by idiots, I had Golovkin 4 rounds up on Alvarez.
Pathetic judge Adalaide Byrd has always been known as one of the worst judges in boxing and MMA history and with scores like 118-110 for Alvarez you can see why fighters and promoters always try to stop her from judging their fights.
Another mockery and another rematch whilst the clock of old father time ticks away for an ageing Golovkin, things might be just right for an Alvarez win next time round.

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