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I lived on Kelvin on Edith Walk back in the late 80's.
Believe it or not I was burgled from the outside!

Went away with friends for the weekend, came home and the place was a tip, no not the burgler I just wasn't very tidy . It wasn't until I sat for a while I realised stuff was missing, including my beloved suede tassle jacket.

reported it to the police but no joy. Was in the post office at netherthorpe some days later when man in front of me was blatantly wearing my jacket cashing his giro.

Furious with rage and feeling like I was in the Bill I demanded that the teller inform me the name of this villan. In total breach of dpa she let me covertly see the giro with name and address on it. His balcony was next door to mine!

So I gave chase and followed said cretin to his fiddle job in a petrol station in town. Called the police who then arrested him and as I could identify jacket with bad red cotton used to sew up a ripped inside pocket he was charged with handling stolen goods.

Oh and the benefits bobbies got him too!

Turns out they accessed my house by doing spiderman moves on the outside of the flats and got in through a chink in the window I had left open in the kitchen which was by the balcony.

Apart from that and the odd suicide I loved my short time on Kelvin.

And those milk hatches were really useful aswell
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