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Originally posted by peter41
I used to live in Kelvin Flats in the 80`s, cannot remember exactly, memory fades after so long ..... ..... but we never had any problems, the flats were nice, if not a little unusual in design, I never ventured out much late at night, so never saw if gangs were beating up old ladies or smashing cars.

The only bad part was the shops across, more were borded up than in use.... a bit like now...

although i can remember throwing potatoes and my mates had some pellet guns... at some bloody school kids. only kiddin
LOL I bet it was you . Of course I realised they were only trying to scare us (which they did), as i'm sure we'd have been easy targets to hit with them pellet guns.

The daft stuff Schools made us kids do aye, in respect, looking back this was a school trip of pure exploitation, as the teachers just hammered home to us about how bad life was in these flats. By the way we were from Barnsley too.

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