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Boxes on the back of doors are useless, only small thin letters will go in properly. Anything thicker or larger hits the back of the box and wont go in fully, so it gets left sticking out.

Letters should be pushed all the way through, however when people have brushes, stops etc behind the box the mail often wont go right through unless you push your fingers through as well - and as I work next to a guy that has 9 fingers due to one being bitten off by someone's dog, that isn't going to happen.

There are things called 'push pegs' that are supposed to be used for this purpose, but the fact is they are useless and bend too easily.

Obviously some do leave mail sticking out when theres no reason for it, if this keeps happening then make a complaint and the postie will be spoken to, to see if there are any problems.

If you have anything on the back of your letterbox, just try pushing a single thin letter (because they are the most common and awkward) through it with one hand, without pushing your fingers in. If you can't do it then thats why your mail gets left sticking out.
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