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Originally Posted by monkey104 View Post
Good grief! You canít even see the evidence with your own eyes. She is in an area she shouldnít be. Security werenít even dealing with her. She fell because she was holding on to that other idiot that was being removed.
Itís not peaceful protest when you are entering an excluded area to prevent lawful work from happening.
Stop wasting my tax money because like the Newbury bypass, itís going to happen. You may be delaying the inevitable but at a hell of a cost to Sheffield taxpayers.
Well said!

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Originally Posted by paula4sheff View Post
Fortunately mainly people recognise that living in an environment surrounded by tarmac and concrete is pretty awful, for both the ebvirontment, and mental health. Not to mention sterile, and bleak.

Rather sad that you seem to view things in such a dull manner. I imagine replacing any grass in your garden with fake grass or concrete is also a priority. 'easier to manage'. Depressing.
Some people live surrounded by concrete and tarmac due to where they live, think your looking down your nose at people less well off/affluent than yourself. And to mention mental health to try and back up your argument is stooping pretty low.
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