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Originally Posted by yourhouse View Post
Responsibility lies squarely with the SCC inner cabinet who have persistently failed to properly fund the proper management of the street trees and highways over the past 20-30 years.
Now this is the cause of the present problems, but in their efforts to put things right they're trapped by that past neglect. On the tree issue there is natural concentration on trees being felled.

What is almost totally ignored is the number of trees that were felled without replacement over at least the last 30 years. About 15 years ago if the tree was diseased or dangerous down it came, without notice, that was it. After a tree was felled opposite my house we made strong protests and were assured that in future local residents would be given notice. We were given the option to pay for a replacement tree costing about 150 and did. It's now the best tree on our road, one of only two left. Nobody else seems to have been made the purchase offer, or took it up when the other trees came down. There used to be one between each pair of houses.

The one remaining original tree looks in poor condition. The only other to have survived until 2017 was grossly out of proportion to its restricted location and a replacement is awaited. The original trees were the wrong type for their situation, lovely though the blossom was each spring, and it was inevitable that they would go, but the previous non replacement policy has been responsible for the loss of unknown thousands of street trees in earlier decades.
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