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Originally Posted by deediebumm View Post
Croat77, i assume your clued up on pc building?

all i know at the moment is its a AMD K7 chip on a socket 7 board
Socket 7 motherboard and 333 mhz cpu means that you are running amd k6-2 333 mhz cpu on super socket 7 motherboard. It also means that your motherboard can have 2 types of RAM EDO or SDRAM (or both in some cases, I had Soyo ss7 mbo with support for both ram types, only I could use only one at the time) and 2 possible slots for graphic cards (AGP or PCI or both).

In gaming terms, if you want to get maximum form that computer, you want to max on RAM and get yourself Voodoo 3 PCI or AGP graphic cards depending on the slots on your motherboard. Forget about Nvidia, S3 and other card that were available at that time, because amd k6-2 simply works best with voodoo card, believe me, I tried every single one of them.

Best thing to do is to download some diagnostic tool for w98 to see exactly which version of ss7 mbo you have and then upgrade RAM and GPU according to specs

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