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Originally Posted by zach View Post
One thing seems to be missing, or I've missed you saying it.

Have you ever done a clean install of Windows 10. No updates or OS on the HDD, no previous partitions and start from scratch? Certainly worth a try.

If you have a bit of drive space, Install 10 clean and image it after updates and drivers but before installing all your bits and bobs. I use Macrium Free to do this on Windows (Don't forget to create a recovery drive)

Also, try other OS the same way... clean HDD

Yes it will take some time but at least you get a real idea what each can do. Live CD/USB are a good idea to have a look but don't give a true reflection of the speed an OS can run at.

Take your time and pick which works best for you.

It turns out that (for some reason) W10 does not like my onboard LAN card.

I switched it off in BIOS and switched on wireless, then it booted flawlessly.

No idea why though
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