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certainly seems like that

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I'm usually on foot. I try to make sure I stay off the red cycle paths but of course you have to cross over the cycle lane after the toucan and can't help but step onto it at the zebra crossing at the bottom of Moorfoot. Usually try to make sure I look behind when I do, but the one time Im in my own world will be the time when there's a cyclist coming knowing my luck.

I'd cycle more but after years of not doing so, I too am not very road confident and the quality of the cycle lanes puts me off further. But maybe I just need to get back on the bike and build that confidence back up. I just see cyclists often getting a lot of hassle from motorists.

Have seen a number of cyclists nearly get taken out near to farm road McDonald's when cars cut across the cycle lane to go up Granville road, and then the cyclists gets a mouth full having done nothing more than use a cycle lane for its purpose.
I'm only a recent returner to cycling, having taken a bad fall down stairs a couple of years ago, stil struggling when I walk long distances. I'm not a driver and not at all confident riding on main roads.

I won't cycle up Granville Road,I am not confident knowing there are buses, cars and vans waiting behind me, so I get off at the bottom at the roundabout where it is safe and push - mind you, then I get lip off other cyclists, like this morning accusing me of being lazy! I'm pushing a dirty great bike, for ghoodness sakes, I'm still getting exercise, lol. Can't win!

A few years ago, my other half was thumped by a bike coming out of nowhere at Fargate - he was crossing the road, the cyclist tore round a bus that had pulled in to pick up passengers further down (outside what used to be Virgin) and we had checked the road to make sure it was safe to cross. The cyclist hit my other half full on - he must have been going at a fair old speed round that bus. He stopped only briefly then shot off - good thing my other half was only shook up, couldve easily broken his wrists when he fell forward. That has also made me very wary of my own cycling and mindful of pedestrians.
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