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Originally Posted by Cyclone View Post
No survey needs to have been done. By definition in a (non homogenous) group 50% of the group will be below and 50% above the average. It's inherent in the very definition of what an average is.
I do think it, and I think it because it's a statistical certainty, a truism, it was in fact a little bit of a play on words based on what average means.
Here's what you said. No mention of how that population is distributed, not that it is in any way relevant to determining the mean average.

My example used a non-homogenous group, and showed that less than 50 percent were above average.

Mean average is simply calculated by summing the data points and dividing by the number of data points.

It isn't defined as the "50% of the group will be below and 50% above the average".

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