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Originally Posted by AlexAtkin View Post
"The simple fact is, when you use a microwave, youíre getting a lot more than the food you eat."

They are making some huge assumptions there mostly around packaging.

For example, microwaving my porridge in a ceramic bowl in the morning would be subject to none of those side-effects except perhaps a little vitamin loss in the milk itself. The oats do not heat up much as they are not subject to the milk long enough to soak it up, they mostly do so in the standing time afterwards when the temperate has already dropped. Then I add honey which will not have lost any nutrients.

So suggesting that you NEVER use a Microwave is poor advice.

Also if you read up on cooking food in pans/ovens then you will see similar claims of the metal seeping into your food. So there really is no completely safe way of cooking, but its safer than eating a lot of things raw.

Mind you I'm screwed anyway as I HAVE to eat ready meals due to issues in my hands which makes preparing food impractical.

Ultimately if the worry is losing vitamins, then you just have to make sure its a balanced diet with enough raw fruit and/or vegetables too.
If its the containers you cook in, well, you're screwed either way.

"Leaks, burns, nutritional concerns, and promoting a culture of laziness and immediate gratification are all good reasons why you may want to consider a different cooking method."

"Microwaves are regulated to ensure only low levels of radiation escapeómost of which dissipates within one or two feet.

That may sound good, but low radiation is different from no radiation."

Its pretty simple, leave the kitchen during microwaving. Any residual radiation is unlikely to make it through the wall. If it did, you would notice as your WiFi would slow to a crawl.

Honestly, I live close to a cell tower so it seems pointless worrying about things that give out an order of magnitude less radiation. Oh and I DID look out for changes in my health when that tower went online, its just as poor as its always been, following the same routine as my mums health issues which started long before microwave ovens, WiFi or mobile phones.

I think a LOT of things people are associating with microwave radiation are normal health problems. But as science has no explanation, they point the blame at something as they want answers. There is a lot to be said for placebo effect, feeling better just because you THINK you do. (although it doesn't work for everyone, never has for me)
Hi Alex, good advice - also stated in this Daily Mail article - I also did not know that microwaves leak through walls!
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