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Evidence is a problem, because you could also argue that nobody wants to DO the research in case it DOES prove a link. We saw that with smoking for years.

We know radio signals/EMF CAN cause problems at certain power levels, what we don't know is if this mix of difference signals we are subjected to at low levels actually does.

Logically they can kill off cells, but then so does a lot of things, even washing your hands stresses your cells. As we said before though, mortality rate does not reflect that because as quickly as we come up with something that reduces your life, science comes up with something that also extends it. Those things that extend it depend on the things that likely reduce it, so you can only really weigh the options.

As I said earlier, without technology I would have died at birth. Without technology my life would be even more miserable than it already is (although maybe people would be MORE sociable without social media, who knows). So ultimately, I think its a net-gain.
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