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Surely city centre venues will put on lots of fringe events/gigs sothat they don't lose out, some the venues get taken over by Saturday drinkers/clubbers, etc who are not really into the music, though they have the right to be there of course.

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How do you know they're not moving it to Hillsborough, so the ones in charge of it can cream more off the top? Nosferatu needs to be able to fund his ever growing weatherspoons like franchise. And I doubt his performing puppets won't be work for free either. Unless they're really gullible . Anyways, his waistline represents his wealth.
Who do you mean?

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Didn't the organizers, back in 2009 , used to be Toddla T, Jon McClure and the old guitarist who was replaced by Nick O'Malley, in the Arctic Monkeys? Whatever happened to that?

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I know precisely what I make of it. It promotes James O’Hara, and the rest of his Sheffield corporate cronies who are trying to dominate and put their stamp all over it. To quote one of them ‘ we have our own people’.

Was there a coup? I thought the owner of the festival was a late middle aged music biz type who owns the Harley, etc.

So, who owns it now?

jusr seen one of the directors deals in Angolan diamonds

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