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Originally Posted by Hotmale 1954 View Post
If they've still got the same attitude that they had the last time they played together, then it may well have been another 2 goal margin massacre.
Hopefully for us, the organisation and 'new' attitude Jos seems to have instilled in tonight's 13 will filter through to our first team 'stars' and we will get back to, and show, what all Owls know our team is capable of.
It's over to Jos and the lads to get on with representing the club, and the fans with commitment and passion.
I look forward to the time when we have a full squad to choose from.

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Didn't show up?
What percentage of the ball did you have, and in what areas?
If you had 'shown up' you'd have had 100% possession and have won 20 nil.
Exactly, we played our usual game but lacked a final ball. Basically dominated without threatening.

Not showing up was harsh, but we weren't brilliant. Probably a 5/10 performance.