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Found out today that the response policing facility that was based at Moss Way has all been moved down to Attercliffe as from today... 12/9/17.
So if you live in the very southern side of the city, you wont be seeing any patrol cars round Mosborough, Frechville etc etc.
The building at Moss Way has slowly been emptied of operational cops, and I fear with this latest "rationalisation" or whatever the police spin people will call it, it won't be long before we see the entire building closed/mothballed, and then sold to make way for another cheapo supermarket!
SYP really do seem to have pulled this stroke across the city, Deepcar is covered by officers based in the City Centre would you believe!
Sheffield has lost Hammerton Road, as a response station, now Moss Way, it wont be long before Woodseats goes the same way I imagine, and the biggest thing is..once you close them down, sell the land, there's no way they are EVER going to open another one is there!!
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