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There are sections of the pavement around some of the trees where the root growth is so pronounced that it has buckled the pavement. I walk down there most days, and I dont rely on Cyclone's silly Google Map images to see what I see.

But, hey, he or she has decided it's not an issue so I shall tell them not to worry.
I also walk on sheldon road regularly so I know what it’s like and wouldn’t say it was a ‘disaster area’. Yes, the footpath is uneven in places but it’s hardly impassable and as I understand it there are ways of dealing with that don’t involve chopping down healthy trees.

Trees help mitigate the pollution from too many vehicles on the roads. I have noticed that many of those in favour of chopping down trees are the types that drive everywhere including short trips that are quite walkable. And yet they complain about the state of footpaths.

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