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Originally Posted by bendix View Post
Could you be any more patronising?

Let me give you some hard examples. Sheldon Road in S7 is a disaster area, where people simply cannot walk on the pavements because the trees have destroyed them. I don't know about you, but when I see young mothers pushing their kids in push chairs on the road beside the traffic, because it's impossible to use the pavement, my instinct is to put their needs over the trees (which, mind you, are suffering becasuse they were planted too close together decades ago).

There are many shades of grey in this discussion. Cheap platitudes about caring about trees sounds good and are so easy to rally behind and look oh-so-caring, but sadly life is a little more nuanced than that.

And, yes, Cyclone. The silent majority do exist. I know and talk to many people who cringe in embarassment at the protesters' one dimensional view which tolerates no deviation. Some of them - god forbid - actually vote Green but realise something needs to be done to preserve the trees for future generations to come.

You guys don't have a monopoly on being right you know, although you do enjoy that position on sanctimony.
The footpath on sheldon has been affected by trees but its not that bad!! As someone who uses footpaths a lot Id say the biggest cause of obstruction on footpaths is parked vehicles.
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