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Originally Posted by bendix View Post
I suspect if you read Amey's Annual Report, their mission statement doesn't include the lines: "We are dastardly people dedicated to killing trees."

Where I live there are too many trees planted too close together. They have ruined pavements, making some completely unpassable for mothers with prams, or people in wheelchairs. Some selective pruning is essential, in precisely the same way selective pruning of flowers and plants is often necessary to ensure long term sustainability for the entire garden.

I live in the world where those trees are and where they are impacting people's lives, negatively. The work is being done to ensure those trees impact those people, positively.

I'm happy in my world. You carry on protesting. You'll get no support or thanks from me or my community of neighbours.
You might want to read a little more about Amey, other than their own promotional material.

Where I live there are no problems with the trees- hence protests when they try to cut them down for no reason.

You're of course free to carry on being happy that trees are being removed, and call those that aren't 'dumb'.

It's an odd thing to be proud of, offering no support to people who don't wish their area to have healthy trees removed, for the sake of private profit and gain. Personally I support people protesting about the putting of corporations before communities, wherever that may be, and in whatever cause.

I'm glad you have such a close knit community that you not only know everyone's views in it, but can also speak for them exclusively. Heaven forbid you'd just lump you and your pals view as representative of entire communities......
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