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  1. Couple of ideas 1. Get round some local employers - any size and hand out cards that offer an introductory free offer, plus good discount but with a code and an expiry date. Make sure you register the people who you give cards to. This gives you a quick mailing list and potential customer base. 2. Organise a few events with your mates as models. A kind of upmarket party plan thing. Send invites to all your cardholders and anyone else. Register anyone that comes to the event and give them a card and a freebie if they haven't got one. 3. Use the power of the media for free by sponsoring something like a dress up day, only do it in conjuction with a local charity. Remember there is no substitute for getting out there and getting the biz. Offline work is what makes an online business happen. Good luck I think you have a real chance here
  2. The key to successful online business is effective offline marketing. Relying on people's searches whether you have paid an SEO or not will only work if you are a big player competing on price. That is why internet shopping is dominated by big players. Its a jungle and the big animals will eat it all up.
  3. Hey Ratty thanks that looks just the ticket. I shall get turned into sausage meat for sure:))))))
  4. Yes to all this. I have been unemployed for 4 weeks and looking for work for longer than that when I knew my last job was not going to be extended. Despite selling myself hard to agencies and getting in with one very good one, and calling them every week it's still a story of interviews being put back, etc etc. I think some agencies are shambolic weasels but many are highly professional. The horrific truth is I think there is bugger all work out there of almost any description. Quite fancy that trolley hostess gig though. Ideal piglit post!!
  5. Can't believe this is hard to find. Must be me. Can't get to Handsworth easily or would deffo have gone for this authentic sounding one. Centralish location important - I live in Bents Green and although um "between jobs" at the moment, will end up working central ham sure. Noticed the one in Crookes run started by the council packed in because of lack of interest. Perhaps aiming your activity at unfit 45+ people in a student area not a good pitch. Whatever....ham for the record a 53 yr old fittish bloke regular fell walker/jogger, weight train at Don Valley, but looking for something to develop/maintain (ha!) speed and co-ordination. Any suggestions? Thanks
  6. Go to endcliffe park and start up the footpath(s) up the Porter Valley. Infinite possibilities. Get the 88 83 81 82 buses very frequent to Bents Green. Take a map. Within a few minutes you will be in stunning countryside. Get the tram to Illsburrow then the little bus out to Bradfield. Go anywhere you like there are footpaths galore and most uncrowded. Finish in the postcard cafe! Or get the Tram to Malin Bridge, again take a map and find the path up the valley toward Bradfield as above. Get the 272 bus out er anywhere.........Fox house.....Hope Valley I could go on..............
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