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  1. Thank you for your reply . Who do i need to ask regarding the property in the Republic Of Ireland ? Thank you for your reply and the link.
  2. We have been told by the OT team at the NGH that my Mother in law will sadly now have to go into 24hr care , as she is now unable to look after herself. She has a home in England and another home in the Republic of Ireland. Will her home in the Republic Of Ireland be classed as assets to go towards paying for her care fees or is it exempt as it is not in the British Isles ? Any info would greatly appreciated.
  3. Thank you for your replys of help everybody , it is much appreciated. I have bought some rat poison today and we shall seen what happens in a few weeks after i set the bait . I have also heard that bleach is very good as the rats dont like it. We shall also be contacting the police as the neighbours pile of wood rubbish is pushing over my mother in laws privit and this needs to stop before the weight of them completely pushes over her hedge. We have also drafted up some leaflets to let all of her other neighbours know about this problem and have asked if they also contact enviromental heath and there local councelor regarding this. We have been told that a couple of cats that live in the area have had bite marks on them . Is it possible that Rats will attack cats ?
  4. She owns the property and has lived there for over 50 years hassle free. He has been very stubborn , ignorant and selfish since we asked if he could tidy up his garden , i offered to do this myself for him but he prefers a natural looking wild garden , problem is it is the food he throws around for the pigeons and squirils that is a real problem along with all of his privit and tree cutting that he has just thrown up against my mother in laws property from his side , he does not care what problems he is causing in his back garden.
  5. Sadly i dont , i will try and find out who the local councilor is for her area . In what way are they lax in their duty tinfoilhat ? are they suposed to deal with problem ? i remember them saying there was nothing they could do it the gentleman wont engage with them , was this just an excuse ?
  6. Her neighbour has not talked with her and us for 3 years now since we asked enviromental health to have a word with him after we exhausted all our avenues of comunication with him. My freind has a pellet gun and has already offered his rat culling services if needed but thank you for the offer. I just need to make sure what we can do is legal as the last thing i want is to be reported by him to the police even though it is him that is causing all the problems.
  7. They have been to see him but he refuses to engage with them. Traps and poison maybe the way forward , i have a freind who owns a pellet gun , would he be allowed to shoot them ? She dosent want to , she wants to live in her home as she has for a good 50 years hassle free. Is there no legal way we could sort this problem out ?
  8. My mother in law who is 80 with breathing and heart problems has a next door neighbour whos garden has a rat infestation. I called around today and could not belive what i saw. About 6 or so large rats running around in her garden. Her garden and house is clean and tidy wheas her next door neighbours garden and house is very unkept and filthfy . The gentleman who lives alone there is an elderly gentleman who does not like people complaining about his unkept garden or house. He is a private house owner just like my mother in law , we have tried talking to him over the years offering our help to help him keep his garden clean , but he refuses to even talk to us now. He puts out lots of food on the floor for pigons and squrrils and this has now attracted rats. He cuts down his privit and trees and stock piles the wood right up to my mother in laws boundy . He has created a perfect home for the rats in his back garden. I called around to ask him if he would remove the stock pile and he said no it's his garden and he can do as he likes . I have noticed today after putting away pots and pans in my mother in laws house large rat droppings in her home. As i say we have tried to talk with him politely but he is just one of those people who does not want to engage with other people. My mother in law is now terrified and her health is suffering again because of him. She was diagnosed with a breathing problems related to pigeon poo that she has breathed in acording to her GP and hospital professionals. Is there anything we can do to stop this gentleman from carrying on like this ? any advice would be appreciated.
  9. If a practice can let patients know how much time was wasted with people not turning up for there appointments , then surely a practice can also let patients know how much time they will be waiting to be seen , a bit of balance is only fair isn't it ?
  10. We all know this is not the right thing to do , but in some areas of Sheffield i think there is little choice. What are peoples opinions about this given the fact it could soon become illegal as it is already in parts of London.
  11. Everything these days im afraid is down to money , and i don't think you would be naive enough to think its not. Im unemployed at the moment and finding it hard to get work due to my disability and £50 is a lot of money for me.
  12. Thanks for that positive info nikki-red much appreciated for letting me know that. I seem to think everybody else who was contributing was in the mind set of your poor so that's just tough.
  13. Well imo it is a form of social injustice when someone thinks up a scheme that means only wealthy people can afford the £50 rip off fee. Why did this start , greed , pure greed . Why shouldn't i have just as much chance of a decent seat. Thats how it use to be , first come first served , now its first come first served , oh only if you pay a £50 rip off fee. I wanted to book a few seats for me and my family and i have been denied in doing so because i have not paid £50 for the years membership. I only go to see a couple of shows a year. But people like me are being told to get to the back of the queue if you don't pay us £50. RIP OFF and GREED are at the heart of this little gem of a scheme.
  14. It just pees me off that you don't get the same equal chance as someone who has paid a £50 rip off fee imo . Thats just it im not a regular theater goer , so its not worth me trying to stump up a £50 rip off fee. Who thinks these schemes up .
  15. Exactly , there lays the problem, not to long ago everybody had an equal right to book tickets for shows , now if your wealthy and can stump up £50 you get first chance and sod the poor people , they can have the scraps so to say. I only can afford to see a couple of shows a year so it would not be worth the £50 wealthy persons only fee. The poor get left behind again, so much social injustice in this country. Another thing , why do they send you this show information and not mention anything regarding tickets not on sale yet for certain shows.
  16. Have a look at booking tickets for Shrek the Musical and you will see what i mean.
  17. So i received a whats on Sheffield Theater leaflet through my door and tried to book a show. I usually go to see a show by myself once or twice a year at a push but i thought i would it would be nice to try and make it a family event. Sadly you now have to stump up a £50 membership fee in order to book tickets as i have just tried to and it wont let you until you join. Well done Sheffield Theaters you money grabbing merchants , sadly due to the politically correct cowards brigade im not allowed to use the word most normal people would like to use when describing a rip off trait like this , you have decided to try and fleece the not so wealthy people who can only afford to go to see a shows once or twice a year. Hope you are feeling really proud of yourself you discriminating Muppets.
  18. JD1EVIE66 Re: GP surgeries in Sheffield I don't know where Gleadless Medical Centre came but in my opinion that should have been at the bottom. A couple of the reception staff there are vile, the ones that have been there that long that they have took up root. I know the challenges they face on a daily basis but a smile wouldn't go a miss. However some of them are nice. As for the doctors I could rant about them all day. I often wonder how I'm still breathing. Some poor people are not, hope the link works . http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-43161929
  19. Thankfully they eventually got back to me by email regarding my inquiry. I was given there email address by the clerical staff at the practice when i asked for it. We live in the age of emails these days and the only reason that leaps to my mind if practices do not want to correspond to you via email is simply that they want to draw out a process of communication longer than necessary , probably in the hope that you just give up asking for information. My previous employers used this tactic a lot, one of the managers referred to it as the long game.
  20. https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/listed-the-lowest-ranked-gp-surgeries-in-sheffield-as-rated-by-you-1-9017959 Not great news to hear that Crystal Peaks Medical Center is classed as a poor performer but im beginning to think they could be right. I sent the practice an email 7 days ago now and i still have not had a response from the practice manager or anyone else for that matter. I have sent them another email today asking them to please respond. I really do not want to make a formal complaint , but if i do not hear from them in the next 7 days , then i will not hesitate to do so as this is not the way to treat patients in their care
  21. The post office that was in Lloyds Chemist closed down a while ago now , but i have heard that they are opening another one in the convenience shop on Westfield shops. Does anyone know if this is true ?
  22. I eat 4 slices of gluten free bread a day , 6 days a week for my sandwiches for my lunch at work, these are very small slices from the 400g loafs. That roughly equates to around 2 and a half 400g loafs, so really it is very close to eating a normal size loaf. What the companies say they sell and what they have in stock is another thing, the only loafs that i see that are left on the shelf's are the more expensive ones at around £3.00. That would equate to around £7.50 per week for gluten free bread compared to normal loafs you can get for under £1.00. Myself and many other have a potential life threatening condition which we cannot help , i wonder if CCG's will be stopping Methadone for people who have chosen through their own choice to bugger up their bodies.
  23. Please read the following from Coeliac UK https://www.coeliac.org.uk/about-us/news/debunking-myths-around-gluten-free-prescribing/
  24. Sorry yes i mean gluten free prescriptions. The thing is that i now work on an hour on a zero hour contract for £7.50 the prescriptions have been a huge help for me as a registered Coeliac. The cheapest loaf i have seen is small 400g loaf at £1.50 per loaf, you can get a standard normal 800g loaf for 85p. Also the cheapest gluten free loafs are just flying off the shelf's and then you are left with the more expensive loaves at £3.00. I will not be able to afford this so i will have to eat normal bread due to my financial circumstances if this ban goes ahead.
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