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  1. Even if she does come back and i must admit it now looks like she is , this info btw was from a green and lib dem councilor want her back when i asked them about it , labour objected apparantly , her credibility has now been totally shot down in flames and no one in Sheffield is ever going to belive a single word she ever says again , this situation she got herself into will linger like a really bad smell for the rest of her career while she is still in post here . I will look to questioning her about it when she gets on her high horse about something us meer mortals should be doing , i like to make hypocrite squirm especially one that sets rules for others and then breaks them and recieves a police fine for doing so . They dont like it up em Mr Manering ;)
  2. And still we wait and still she gets paid for doing naff all , how long before we get a decision Terry ? , Is she going to do the same as her tory boss and just ignore the fact she has comitted a criminal offence in pulic office , been fined for it , and just wants it all swept under the carpet and forgoten about , Yeah , think again , some of us are totally discusted with her behaviour , she should just go now and let the city and the people move on because if she dosent then this bad smell is going to linger longer than a fart in a phone box.
  3. Have a glance through this , our lovley CEO Kate Josephs certainly hasnt . Honesty and integrity my backside. https://democracy.sheffield.gov.uk/Data/Standards%20Committee/20070808/Agenda/$1-5-1%20Appendix%20A.doc.pdf You may need to copy and paste the link into your browser if it does not work from here.
  4. Well it all seems to be top secret cloke and dagger stuff regarding Kate Josephs dosnt it. The police , the Council all keeping shushy shushy about it . Even an external investigator has been brought in whos name is also shushy shushy is to report back to a cross party comittee and a freedom of Information request to the council is being withheld, with the council arguing that keeping it secret is in the public interest. Oh really , how arrogant , ignorant and deluded these people are if thats the answer we get form them , they forget time and time again they are there to serve the people of Sheffield in a open and honest manor and not to try and keep us in the dark.
  5. So 20 fines issued by the police for breaking the law regarding the party gate scandle , i wonder if Kate Joseph was one of the recipients of one of these fines and if so, will she stay or will she go ? . This will show her true integrity is she has recieved one wont it.
  6. Who the hell is going to trust this woman ever again , The good people of Sheffield certainly wont. These people dont know what honour is , if they did they would walk straight away after being found out , they always say things like it is an honour to serve the people of Sheffield but that is complete garbage , they are in it for the big fat pay cheque they get, we know it and they know it , still , i know there are quite a few people looking forward to questioning her in public about it if she does keep her position , will make for some interesting youtube clips me thinks , i can see the titles now . how to make a CEO squirm :) .
  7. Why is it these muppets at the top always think that by saying sorry it will make everything all better again . WRONG . If i would have done this stunt in my job i would been sacked on the spot. Time to go for both Josephs and Boris , you need to follow the rules as well. Show us how sorry you both really are and go, us grass root Sheffielders will not forgive you for this.
  8. Well I have just been told by a freind of mine it looks like we are going to have a two tier society and im totally disgusted. He has told me that councils in England are not interested in helping people who live on council estates in this matter as it is going to be to expencive for them and they want to reduce the amount of traffic on the roads and by not instaling a reasonable amount of charging points on estates is a perfect way of going about it as they are pushing for more people to walk , cycle or use the bus. So if this is true , then peoples choice of wanting to use an electric car who would like to charge it at home but cant will be scupperd. So is this a crafty devious stealth way that councils are going to do this Hmmmm ?
  9. I would like to ask the good people of Sheffield the following question. I would like to buy an electric car but sadly i do not have a driveway on my council bought house so i cannot charge it on my property. I dont think i will be allowed to trail a cable over a public walkway because that would be a trip hazzard. I rent a council garage though and i was wondering if the council will be fitting them in the garages that they rent to people or grant permission for one to be fitted. Also will the council be providing charge points in council estate parking areas or again grant permission for them to be put there. I ask these questions as it is not going to be long now before we say goodbuy to petrol and diesel vehicles and im sure there are a lot of people in Sheffield who prefer driving a vehicle instead of walking , cycling and catching a bus. And without creating a two tier society with the people who have driveways and the ones who dont. I know there will be some people who will say it will keep you fit to walk cycle ect , but i keep fit by running weight lifting and boxing. I just do not want the choice being taken away from me not to be able to drive a electric car just because i dont have my own driveway to charge it on. Thanks for reading :)
  10. Thank you for your reply . Who do i need to ask regarding the property in the Republic Of Ireland ? Thank you for your reply and the link.
  11. We have been told by the OT team at the NGH that my Mother in law will sadly now have to go into 24hr care , as she is now unable to look after herself. She has a home in England and another home in the Republic of Ireland. Will her home in the Republic Of Ireland be classed as assets to go towards paying for her care fees or is it exempt as it is not in the British Isles ? Any info would greatly appreciated.
  12. Thank you for your replys of help everybody , it is much appreciated. I have bought some rat poison today and we shall seen what happens in a few weeks after i set the bait . I have also heard that bleach is very good as the rats dont like it. We shall also be contacting the police as the neighbours pile of wood rubbish is pushing over my mother in laws privit and this needs to stop before the weight of them completely pushes over her hedge. We have also drafted up some leaflets to let all of her other neighbours know about this problem and have asked if they also contact enviromental heath and there local councelor regarding this. We have been told that a couple of cats that live in the area have had bite marks on them . Is it possible that Rats will attack cats ?
  13. She owns the property and has lived there for over 50 years hassle free. He has been very stubborn , ignorant and selfish since we asked if he could tidy up his garden , i offered to do this myself for him but he prefers a natural looking wild garden , problem is it is the food he throws around for the pigeons and squirils that is a real problem along with all of his privit and tree cutting that he has just thrown up against my mother in laws property from his side , he does not care what problems he is causing in his back garden.
  14. Sadly i dont , i will try and find out who the local councilor is for her area . In what way are they lax in their duty tinfoilhat ? are they suposed to deal with problem ? i remember them saying there was nothing they could do it the gentleman wont engage with them , was this just an excuse ?
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