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  1. she might be able to get 37 hrs but only on band1 (N H S),she's been trying for over a year now to get full time. no children,all grown up and flew the nest,i'm 60 next year.
  2. my partner might be able to work full (she only works 15 hrs at the moment) time but i cant work due to disabillity.If i'v read it right we might be able to get our money topped up.
  3. is working tax credit as good as it is made out to be ??
  4. i went to pipworth,left in 1969,the names Dennis,i lived on beaumont rd.......some of the best looking lasses in sheffield went to pipworth...........
  5. he left due to ill health (lung cancer),he died in june 1978.
  6. my dad drove the lorry his name was George France............
  7. does anyone know how much a NHS voucher is worth towards a pair of glasses ??
  8. can anyone tell me,can you have a iphone 3gs open to accept any sim card??? and how much would it cost??
  9. Because of my health my wife and me have no choice but to move into a one level accommodation,we'v been offered a bungalow on Trenton rise at Woodhouse,we have no idea what its like to live there,does anybody on here know what its like? thanks.
  10. does anybody have any information on the river don at oughtibridge,where the sports ground is,where the don goes under the bridge on station lane,is it a day ticket water or private??
  11. thanks for reply.i use to live near the police houses on Beaumont rd and i thought you were someone who i use to "knock about" with,he loved his bikes and three wheelers.
  12. Good luck,you can do it,i promise you.I knew i had to stop but could'nt imagine life without fags.I decided to go to my GP and after talking it over with her i decided to try Cyban tablets!!. After 40 years of smoking i am now a none smoker and have been since June last year.If you really want to stop,you can but dont be frightend to ask for help,not all of us have the willpower to do it on our own.GOOD LUCK.
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