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  1. It was called G R Dewsbury up until in got changed to Dead Hare. Prior to that it was called Coulson's
  2. He was working a the barbers at Hunters Bar (Junction of Neil Road and Ecclesall Road) until very recently, before it got rebranded to Dead Hare
  3. Great place. Used to go when I was about 17, obviously very naive. Was told by some mates we were going to play pool. You would knock on the door and it would only partially open to let you in. My first experience of Red Stripe!
  4. Just seen this. Remember Maurice from Hunters Bar area. Was he linked to Leeds Utd at some point, I'm sure that's what he said?
  5. Try Vouched For or Unbiased.com to find local and recommended advisers
  6. Is that because Cubanas took over two units? I thought Cubanas was primarily where Platillos used to be?
  7. Had xmas do in there, no issues whatsoever. Decent food, good service.
  8. I can understand that the Promoters want to develop the event, but this would be a real shame and defeat the object of Tramlines which was supposed to be a city center festival.
  9. Article about Liverpool making a bid and many other possible locations mentioned. Sheffield not mentioned at all. Just another lame attempt by the powers that be at Sheffield City Council to attract or plan anything substantial? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-merseyside-40591447
  10. Berry's, London Road, virtually opposite the bottom of Sharrow Lane
  11. I think its ideal for certain occasions. If I want to meet friends in a clean pub, with a good selection of good quality, good value drinks and either sit in a beer garden or watch some sport, it's ideal.
  12. you could contact mjoyceinteriors@hotmail.com or pop into the shop ISH which is on Sharrowvale Road, Ecclesall area.
  13. The Broadfield on Abbeydale Road is a great place for a pint and a pie with Hendos
  14. You have a few hours to kill there, hope you have a good time. For a bit of variety, have you thought about a Comedy Club (Last Laugh maybe?) on one of the evenings and maybe watch some live football or rugby on the saturday afternoon? Im sure either United or Wednesday will be at home, or if you prefer rugby at Abbeydale (Sheffield rufc) or Dore More (Sheffield Tigers) will be on. Leopold Square is good for bars and good places to eat if you book.
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