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  1. They will match it up to your hair, so should be about £60 incuding clips, if you are wanting to have clip ins.
  2. what colour hair do you have? brown ones are cheaper than blonde. My blonde ones were £53.99, but my friend paid £23.99 and her's are brown
  3. I'm wanting to get my nails done tomorrow, but as I havent booked I need a walk in service. Preferably in north Sheffield. Anyone know of any?
  4. Most shops have all spring summer stuff in now. New look have some nice bits in and next
  5. Bambi made me cry, and fantasia scared me! Sword in the stone and beauty and the beast are my classic favourites. I have watched some new ones with the kids lately and like tangled, up and princess and the frog
  6. Did Owen is such a terrible actor. I like patsy palmer!
  7. Omg Carlos and Susan? What the ...... I don't think the copper knows anything, I'm guessing its one of the girls, Susan maybe cos she's sick of the secret
  8. I think Carlos is looking hot! Was wanting tom and lynette to be back together. I was in stitches with the driving scene with Need and Gabby. Ps I'd like to see more of Renee, she is soo funny!
  9. Not sure if this is related but there have been numerous police cars speeding around the shiregreen and wincobank area tonight
  10. Dickory dock at parson cross is a good nursery!
  11. To be honest I don't think the boxes are big enough. I'd rather have a bin the size of the blue bins
  12. Police van and cars were driving around shiregreen around half 4. May be connected
  13. Not sure where s8 is, but there is one at the travellers in s35.
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