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  1. Just wondering what your experiences were please? Would you recommend them? Any other similar places / recommendations - thinking soft play type venue for a 4 year olds birthday party.... Thank you!
  2. I'm thinking of something along the lines of a soft play centre - hired exclusively if possible (though know this is not always an option). Has any one any experience of children's birthday parties at Jungle Mania or Megakidz (Megacentre)? Any other suggestions welcome.... Thank you!
  3. Hi, We're looking for a photographer to take some professional photos of our family (2 adults, 2 children). Probably in a studio though would consider alternative locations. And ideally someone who will give us the full disk of photos (or at least a good number of shots) so we can print / redistribute these ourselves. Any recommendations with costs would be appreciated, thank you!
  4. Hi, I'm looking for somewhere to take my 7 month old daughter on a Monday or a Friday so wondered if anyone knew of any baby groups / sessions etc. that I could attend please? Ideally in S10 or S11 though I do drive so could potentially venture further afield... Many thanks.
  5. I'd second Graves Park - my son loves the farm bit! Endcliffe Park and Millhouses Park also good. Soft Play Centres - PlayArena or Monkey Business. Jolly Tots is lovely and aimed more at little ones but is further out from the city centre. Swimming Weston Park Museum Your local library Your local church is likely to have a playgroup on maybe.... Winter Gardens Failing that, Toys R Us or a pet superstore!!
  6. Went to Italian Kitchen the other day (had a SocialLiving voucher so got a great deal). Food was lovely, big portions and very tasty. Atmosphere was nice, service was good. Will be returning!
  7. Anyone know of any decent restaurants with 'early bird' menus for people eating before about 5.30/6pm midweek please? Thanks!
  8. We've used St Mary's before - http://www.stmarys-church.co.uk/conference/catering/ Really good value for money, great food, good service, nice people!
  9. I've been going to this hairdressers for a while but have always seen a junior stylist (generally the cheaper option!). But now I would like a new stylist (to go with a possible new hair style!) - can anyone recommend anyone please? Price / level doesn't really matter, I'll treat myself! Thanks!
  10. Yes I think you did - though you just cancel it (really easily) straight away if you don't want to continue. Can all be done online in a few clicks.
  11. When we got engaged we got a range of gifts given to us including champagne, wine, chocolates, vouchers, things for the house (ie. random but very cool cushions & door stop, vase, wine galsses) and money to put towards the wedding! How about some quirky slightly tongue in cheek his & hers towels / bathrobes / slippers / anoraks????!!
  12. We got our bridesmaids bracelets, the ushers cufflinks and the best man a watch though am aware you've said no jewellery!! My brother got his best man and ushers something he knew they would really like - a new tennis racket and an xbox!! Not very traditional but the guys were very happy!! Again the bridesmaids got bracelets which were given before the wedding so they could wear them on the day. How about a photo from the day... a night in a hotel / country / city break... champagne... chocolates... vouchers?
  13. Hmm. thanks but can't do Sat - is there anything on any other night?
  14. Anyone know of any bonfires / fireworks displays around S11 please? Thanks!
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