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  1. Does anyone know why there is a massive armed police presence in the city centre today?
  2. Does anyone know why the police and an ambulance were on Arundel Gate outside the new Sheffield Hallam Building this morning?
  3. I am all for the re-development of this site, but i am worried about the extra places in schools (that are already full) / doctors surgeries (difficult to get appointments as it is) and the additional traffic speeding through Stannington - traffic doesn't slow down for the schools as it is at the moment - never mind another 100 cars bombing along Stannington road!
  4. We have our cow molly milk delivered - it is great. And..... they come and clear the streets of snow with their tractors so they can deliver to all their customers!
  5. Not sure really, just venting my anger on this forum - I was very upset at the time and couldn't think what else to do. A lovely old lady who was at the bus stop was really kind and calmed me down, bless her she even offered me £5 to get my kids some sweets!
  6. Tuesday 2.25pm - waiting for a number 81 to take me up to Stannington to collect my daughter from school to take her to a doctors appt. 14.34 bus did not turn up - phoned travel line SY who informed me that it should be there and they did not know why it hadn't turned up, the man on the phone seemed totally unconcerned that I was not able to get to school in time to collect my daughter and I was told to wait for the next bus - 14.54 Waited for the 14.54 - this did not turn up either, phoned SY travel line back and they gave me the number for first buses who told me there were staffing problems - sorry but that is not my problem! - Why advertise a service if you cannot fulfil it? I rely on the buses to get me to school to pick my children up and I leave work in plenty of time to collect them - however, when the buses do not turn up I am late and my daughter gets worried that I am not coming. First buses seemed totally unconcerned about this and have passed my complaint on and i will receive a response in 10 days. Has anyone else had poor service by first buses?
  7. Does anyone know why stannington road was blocked yesterday evening about 6ish?
  8. My hubby lost his phone in stannington part last night - he tried to phone and someone kept answering but not speaking, he then tracked it on google earth to oldfield road but was unable to find the person who has picked it up. Even though he is p'd off about the phone, he is more bothered about the photos on the phone (quite alot of our children) if anyone picked up this phone or knows of someone who found one last night we would really appreciate your help in recovering these photos. HELP!
  9. Does anyone know who the police motorbikes were escorting when they closed part of Arundel Gate into the Novotel in town at lunch today? Couldn't see in the car!!!!
  10. Please can someone tell me where you can go to PYO strawberries in Sheffield, preferably near S6 if there is anywhere.
  11. Hello Does anyone have an indoor guinea pig (or suitable alternative) home that I could borrow for a couple of months from this weekend - 17 March 2012. We are buying my daughter guinea pigs for her birthday and have been told we should not put them outside in a hutch until may (when the weather is warmer). Alternatively, does anyone have a second hand one we could buy? Thanks
  12. I was issued with a ticket before Chirstmas and was not even parked, I was waiting for my mum - I recieved a ticket and sent them a letter which they ignored, they sent me a letter back saying they would not consider my 'claim for appeal' and they would not enter into any further correspondance. I have since written back and they still have not responded, but have since issue me with another letter stating that I need to pay or the bailiffs will come. I am refusing to pay, glad I am not the only one who has received a letter from these charlatans!
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