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  1. Morning. Does anyone know what is reasonable and proportionate for building work and diy work on a residential street? The house next door is being renovated (since october) and we are getting increasingly annoyed anout weekend noise at 7am onwards. This morning bradwells delivered a skip at 7.15 am waking us all up and they've been filling it since 7.30 and are now working on the house. Its a terrace so as any one will know who lives in one every sound carries and they might as well be in our bedroom. Last weekend it was 8.20. We've put up with it so far but this morning I'm annoyed. My understanding is no diy or unnessessary noise before 9am on a weekend or 8am on a weeekday. Any advice or knowledge welcome. Thanks
  2. Does any have reccomendations for a good groomers who know and understand who to groom and how a cavalier should look. I've once again been left fuming by A&M groomers at commonside who's one size fits all shave is unacceptable. Having asked for a general tidy up she's come back totally shaved, feathers gone, back end shaved, ears short, skirt on her feet taken back to the nails and tail shortened. I've rung to complain but got shouted at and told it's our fault for not specifying what we wanted-without saying as much as please use scissors don't shave I would hsve presumed a good groomer would know not to shave a cavalier unless this was specifically asked to shave with scissors being the preferred option. I won't be returning not only because shaving isn't a skill but for the rudeness afterwards. There's nothung I can do now until it grows back, hopefull as she was. Please tell me there are groomers out there who don't just shave by default!
  3. How bloody disappointing to read this thread! I've been wondering what it's going to be for some time, hoping and praying it'll bring something decent to Hillsborough....but no, more cheap tat! Why can't we have an M&S food?! I personally would shop there every night on way home as I currently have to go to Eccie Rd one. Iceland?! I personally don't shop there or herons or farm foods or heck foultons! There making people shop out of Hillsborough as there is nothing decent and it's sad, some of us have food taste and shop in quality supermarkets, does this mean the council think we are all ?! (Don't know what word to choose!) M&S, sainsburys....what a crying shame they have it so wrong!
  4. Same rubbish every year near Christmas!
  5. Seems like forever now and know it's been discussed previously but what's happening with the retail units on Halifax rd? Some time ago there were rumours of M&S and Matalan but they've been say vacant for a long time. Thanks
  6. Oh how sad. I grew up with Brian's pantos and loved every one, he was so funny, musical buckets will always hold Fond memories! One incident I'll never forget is when a little boy on stage told him he needed a wee and Brian ushered him off saying "go over there" the little boy did just that and did a wee at the side of the stage-the entire city hall erupted. Rip Brian, there'll be some fab pantos in heaven x
  7. Hi all, Have only ever used a@m groomers at common side and have no complaints other than my dog always seemed to get shaved? Maybe I don't understand what to ask for? Where is the best place for cavaliers? She needs a haircut but I don't want shavers used on her and also want to keep her coat the same and feathers eye but needs shorter and tidier. In s6, thanks in advance
  8. Hi, Looking to buy on mosborough moor but don't know the area, what's its like? Crime rates? Catchment schools etc.... Thanks x
  9. Hi all, Don't know the area very well so any advice would be welcomed. Crime rates, catchment area for primary schools, any problems we should know etc... Thank you in advance x
  10. they nearly ran me off the road on hag hill I rang the police and logged it just thinking it was recklass driving!!
  11. I'm s6 if anyone can shed any light! O font put the cover on as I thought it helped the men!!?? x
  12. had my blue box refused today with a stupid "no thanks" label on. I hate that I'm even asking the question but I don't know what goes where anymore?' Originally it was blue bin for plastics etc and box for paper but then it swapped (no notification though!) I have more plastic than Paper so the first one suited me fine! had my box refused today even though the same things have been in them week in week out.... so where do the following go if they can't be in the blue bin or box? milk/juice cartons Other plastics And just to clarify someone please tell me what goes in each!! arrgggghhh!! I now have a full bin and box! :0( thanks xx
  13. There needs to be a 5 year ban on breeding and bring back the dog license.
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