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  1. Hi, I apologise if this is in the wrong place. We were away for a few weeks and our top floor window was egged (we have problems with our neighbours), we don't have a long ladder to clean it off, and now it has baked on. Can anyone recommend a window cleaner in the s12 area that might be able to clean it for us? Thanks
  2. I was about 20-30 seconds slower. I don't like a long downhill as I can't generate enough pace to take advantage of it. The uphills don't bother me so much.
  3. I think within reason, anything is possible, as long as the changes you are making are gradual, so that your body has time to adapt to the increased workload. Listening to your body and backing off if necessary is key, especially if you're on the more senior side. I'd wager that the majority of the people in that study with heart damage didn't train properly for the distance.
  4. That was me I think. Sorry, I would've shouted sooner, but I was a bit confused about the reverse route myself...
  5. Emil Zatopek used to do long training runs in army boots. But then he was a one off. Don't forget that the army guys have heavy rucksacks as well! I agree with most of your advice, especially the part about building up slowly and carefully. Although I wouldn't stretch before running, it's generally not thought to be a good idea (stretching cold muscles). It's ok if you stretch after a warm up though. Might also be an idea to go and get fitted for running shoes? Depends if you want to get into running though as they're not that cheap.
  6. I would consider it - they should really move the date though. Too close to London.
  7. Thanks Waldo - SRC does look quality, but we both have commitments on Tuesdays and Thursdays
  8. I'm looking for exactly the same thing, for me and my OH. Problem is, most of the slow training groups go at 10 min/miles which is a minute faster than my OH's race pace! We tried a running club last year (not any of the ones listed here) and I found it a bit cliquey, apart from the secretary who was very friendly, and also she felt like she was holding everybody up.
  9. Drummer needed for existing band. Pretty complex stuff, lots of forays into alternative time signatures etc, but still with a pop undercurrent. Influences: Cardiacs, Pixies, Johnny Foreigner, Deerhoof. Practice is twice a week and we have a lock-up in town. Thanks Nick
  10. Is there no perceived "scene" because of low forum traffic, or is there low forum traffic because the scene is in a lull? I'm not sure. The forums went stale when everybody started running scared from confrontations, I don't blame people for wanting to avoid legal issues etc, but they definitely got too safe, so nobody was in a position to say what they thought any more (eg. Violet May suck balls!). The only forum posts left were either back slapping ones or reams of spam. That's what killed off SheffieldSounds, the infiltration of the spambots was just the death rattle. You cannot create until you destroy as a certain Pockets related band (kinda) said. I disagree - Nothing will kill it off quicker.
  11. L2SB had the panache and wit, but Soundaloud had the huge user base and excellent wealth of resources (hat tip to Mr Cooper). ThisCity and SheffieldSounds were, sadly, paler imitations. Had a look at that SheffieldBand website. Way too many forums IMO.
  12. Judging by the police dogs and helicopter he must've done a runner
  13. Kid arrested on Greenfields estate. Took three cop cars and a chopper!
  14. thanks for the offer Kev but we've already got a round booked the week after next. The pro said he's going to show us round the club first. So I'll decide after that. Does anyone know which clubs have dropped their joining fee? I'm in S12 if that helps.
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