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  1. I agree. It's like saying - are any Christians going to boycott Amazon because they sell the Koran - or vice versa.
  2. That doesn't really help in this thread does it?
  3. Food wise Always buy Pasta & Rice in bulk, so no matter what you have something filling and healthy to cook that will go with pretty much anything. I always try and find reduced Fruit and Veg at the supermarket as they 9 times out of 10 actually don't go off for at least a week after purchase.
  4. It's not just you mate, I struggle for food let alone luxuries at the moment. I only get by because I work at a food factory. Having a Daughter but not living with her and having her stop at weekends gives me the cost but I have no right to tax credits so no help there. But wouldn't change it for the world. Life financially is rubbish at the moment and even though I ask for no help from any authority I wouldn't get any if I did. Sometimes think I'd be better not working at all and claiming everything I could.
  5. obviously. But saying ignore it and ignoring it are the same thing.
  6. Nintendo are bad for just changing the colour of their products at this time of the year just to lure people in to buy another one of the same console they have been selling for ages. They do it all the time with the DSi's. It's only a colour. You buy the console in (as it is this time) Red £150+ you get ONE controller and ONE Nunchuk (in Red) you then (because most people, including me) can't cope with having mismatched controllers, go and buy 1, 2 or 3 more of the Red controllers at roughly £37 for the controller and motion plus and £12 for the nunchuck. So thats £230 ish for something that has been out ages and literally just changed colour. That's how Nintendo make their money.
  7. This is another good music magazine online http://www.thesheffieldscenester.co.uk/
  8. Playing a Festival in Spain and Hyde park for the Wireless festival and that's it so far - publicly anyway.
  9. I'm not paranoid, I just have the electric fence and moat around my house for decorative purposes
  10. been off for an hour, back on now. Supposedly same thing as what happened on Batemoor the other week but on Callywhite lane this time.
  11. an Idea might be for him to have his door's rehung as outward openers, you can't kick in an outward opening door
  12. Is there a bus parked anywhere near your house Or maybe it's the Helicopter
  13. Can we have a huge 'Wicker man' type statue of Nick Clegg to replace it ready for November 5th?
  14. Did people not get that Diggory Comp was being hugely sarcastic???? Having been to Leeds on a number of occasions I can say the only decent thing there is the Disney commercial office my friend works in. Look Leeds and Caleedsder are both very lazy and just report what they can see out of their Leeds city centre windows.
  15. I'm surprised no one has mentioned that the Helicopter was over Lowedges / Batemoor last night at about 11.15 then flew off towards the City center about 11.30
  16. Can't you get Divorce by absence if the second party in proceedings can't be traced? I think it's called desertion and it's two years without any contact.
  17. I cycle to and from Work (Batemoor to Dronfield so not too far) 5 days a week. depending on the weather depends on if I cycle on the road (Foggy days I cycle on the pavement all the way) as my route is a HGV route and the roads aren't exactly wide. I do tend to cycle on the pavement most of the way back out of Dronfield for the same reason (HGV's) because it's rush hour when I leave work.
  18. Maybe he's Nick Clegg trying to alienate more people from Sheffield than he already has!
  19. Just because people ask questions on threads, doesn't mean they are thick. It may mean they are interested in other peoples point's of view with regards to what they are asking.
  20. There are houses all along the right hand side of the Parkway (if your travelling towards the Norton pub) Plus the ease they could connect from Town end to Norton/Lowedges etc is a lot easier and quicker (and cheaper) than running it all the way up Chesterfield road. Plus they have space to make it so the tram wouldn't go actually on the roads so it wouldn't disrupt traffic as it would have to coming up through Woodseats.
  21. I was thinking more just along Bochum parkway from where it terminates at the moment. It'd be a lot easier
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