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  1. Thanks all..but I will sort this, as legally as possible(GOD RUBBER GLOVES PLEASE) Now, I want to open up this debate and find out who else has this happened to,
  2. Thankyou all for getting back to me. It is appreciated even though the concensus means I can do nothing. However, the problem was not just one of tracking, the problem is recording without permission as well as voice recognition. If any of you can access wikileaks spy files (the best way is through reddit, politics and shoving wikileaks into the search bar) you will find a map...and on the map are British companies who allegedly use the trojen virus as well as all the other stuff mentioned...and this is one of the main reasons I have become very annoyed.
  3. The capabilities built within these devices are made to spy on the population..who knows why...I don't care why, just ask my permission first before I pay for something that feeds a growth industry that has been secretive and certainly not upfront.
  4. The problem is I am paying out money for this and bound by contract without granting permission for the use of a spy device in my home. The problem is unlike the cameras on the streets this is unregulated! Should it become regulated then I will not have a problem because there will be some laws into where that information goes and what it is used for and by whom and to what purpose! Until then I bitterly object to more and more privacy being stripped away from the individual. Old fashioned I may be but HG Wells may have had a lot of things right!
  5. I am trying to end or change a phone contract after the wikileaks press meeting yesterday showing the capabilities of certain phones such as i phones and blackberries to track your movements, collate and feed back conversations and take photos without your knowledge. You will find such information on wikileaks as well as leaked information of the huge growth of the unregulated survaillance industry and it's capabilities(see reddit and the wikileaks spyfiles). Now I am a pretty boring person with nothing to hide..but I object to signing a contract and paying out money without being informed by those selling such goods as well being put clearly in the phone contract itself that my phone had the built in capability to spy on my conversations and daily life and feed it back to whosoever is interested. I wish to defend my privacy although I am unsure if wanting to do that is even legal. I certainly will not be taking my phone to the bathroom with me. I have a contract which is three months old. I have explained to the phone provider that I want another phone and they can have the blackberry back. I have been told to buy one and keep the original contact with the providor. I have said this is not good enough and they can send me a new old fashioned phone with no inbuilt spy devices. Anyone know where I stand in consumer law?
  6. Last week I had a third degree from my bank, where do you live, who lives with you and lots of other intrusive personal questions, they managed to avoid bathroom habits..but give em enough rope and who knows.This was done on the counter during a simple transaction with other people in hearing distance . I am aware of other customers who, during the last week, have staggered out of this particular bank and who have undergone the same bewildering experience, two of whom were frail and elderly. After looking at financial regulations in world wide banking I realise this sort of intrusion is the norm and is called 'know your customer'..Well thank you kindly on that but I prefer to keep my distance and my privacy. Anyone else gone thru this?
  7. The road that runs up the hill by tesco
  8. That's a good idea, mind the next door flogged the house so they will be new on one side..I will get on it.
  9. Her bloodwork is clear, however now she is down for more testing. The link may be tenuous at best, she should have followed everything up straight away, however the flowers they sent flattered her, made her think she mattered. That's why I was looking for anyone else on here that had been made ill from the same incidents.
  10. My elderly aunt had a sewage leak. This happened 3 times when the snow was down early this year. Sewage came up through her outside grate and all over her path. Yorkshire Water sent her a bunch of flowers. However, just after these events she developed a throat and stomach infection that she can't shake, she is 90 years old. Has anyone else been affected by a sewage leak in Woodseats and if so did you do anything about it with Yorkshire Water?
  11. Apparently the Sun shifted it's poles last year which accounts for increased solar activity. (see Nasa) There has been an increase in the release of large solar flares to the earth which disturbs the magnetic field.(see Nasa) This is likely to continue to the end of 2012. There are some who think this may be tied in to the increase of siesmic activity and many who do not. Meanwhile, the earth's North Pole (not true North Pole) is shifting 40 miles a year toward Russia. Science says that these Pole shifts take hundreds/thousands of years..think it might be moving a bit quick for that. Tampa air port has had to re-align it's runways due the need for correct navigation(put that in it should come up) Large sinkholes have opened, the one in guatamala city is scary, take a look.
  12. There is an excellent clinic in Sheffield called Porterbrook clinic. Your doctor should be able to refer you.
  13. I think this needs a broader view...for all budding maths people try this..students don't stay students forever, they will leave uni with a large debt..then they will want to settle and create a family, it is likely the other person involved with also be a former student with a large debt..how are they to find the money for a home to build a family?..house prices may be dropping, but that is unlikely to be permanent, the Gov is not building, good building land is scarce,(there's brown land and floodplane of course) and we have a growing population so rents are likely to increase. Those who wish to expand their intellect and ambition by attending university must be prepared to leave the country, the country itself can suffer for this. There was once a Tory promise (John Major) to have an equal society..seems to have been binned alongside him.. So if this is no longer to be the case, and future kids with potential are blocked from the choice of University by economic penalty I suggest a different protest..drop out en mass, law students start studying the contracts that bind, media start figuring how to get the message across, politic students look at the way to put across statements to the masters above and anyone else just underpinn and stay firm..force the universities to face closure..and lets all see what happens..you may find the lecturers join in once faced with the dole..
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