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  1. Hi My little girl is nearly 3 and most toddler group seem to be mainly under 3's. What sort of mix of ages do you get at hobbytime and also is it a week by week or termly payment? Thanks
  2. I am looking for a school holiday club for my 5 year old boy for later in the year, probably something football or general activity based. I am based in Loxley, S6 and know they do them at Wisewood and at King Edwards school but don't know what they are like and if there are any others. Any recommendations would be very helpful. Thanks
  3. Can anyone recommend someone who can remove/dispose of asbestos sheets or give an idea of price. They came from a garage roof and are double bagged. I know they can be taken to the local tip but problem is getting them there.
  4. Hillsborough park do a buggy walk on Monday afternoons followed by cup of tea and a chat. Very friendly and welcoming
  5. Would definately access any help you can get. I had major problems feeding my first which started to impact on our attachment (dreading him waking etc cos feeding hurt so much). though breast feeding is obviously important bonding with baby and you being happy is more so. if you need to introduce some bottles/try expressing to give yourself a breather even if that results in end of feeding that is better than you getting PND or affecting relationship with baby. Hope things get easier.
  6. one of my friends had a very difficult first birth and attended hyponobirthing prior to having her second. she had a much better and quicker birth and felt the hyponobirthing had made a big difference. good luck!
  7. I returned to work at about 9 months as well. Although it was hard, particularly initial adjustments it makes me appreciate my time with my toddler all the more and ensures I make the most of our days off together. Good Luck!
  8. Hi, where abouts in Crosspool is this? Thanks
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