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  1. i lived in brough street and used to play with kathleen godderd her sister got killed on penistone road on her way to school but she was called beryl
  2. you must have been at school the same time as my sister jackaline bradford we lived in brough street broughgirl
  3. did you know the bradford family in brough street also tried to find photo ve day cottem street but could nt get it on, as my grandparents brammers lived in that street
  4. i remember all those shops and remember nieghbours trotting of to the beer off shop with jugs to fill with the beer i also remember easterbrooks as i worked there with some of my family we lived in brough street and my grandparents lived over our back wall on cottem street
  5. was born there in 48 then moved up to the cross in 57
  6. hiya im w its great to read things that was in our childhood days brings back lots of memories:
  7. my grans sister used to live at the bottom of woodland street on the right hand side she was called alice and next door lived her daughter dora the pub at the corner was called victoria vaults that would be in the early 50s
  8. both my brothers used to do the star walk about the time of albert raymond colly and keith bradford i was younger but i remember going to watch them in a lot of events we lived in brough street off penistone road ::
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